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Posted: June 18, 2020
Fat transfer, also known as fat grafting or lipofilling, is an excellent method of augmenting the face and body. It involves removing fat from one area, purifying it, and injected it elsewhere. The technique has become popular amongst patients seeking natural-looking, long-lasting enhancement —… Read Full Post
Posted: February 20, 2020
While trends in breast augmentation have fluctuated over the years, the popularity of this cosmetic surgery has remained consistently high. Breast augmentation can address several common concerns with breast appearance, and there are several benefits to having the procedure. Double board-certified… Read Full Post
Posted: February 10, 2020
Wanting to make physical changes to the body is common and can actually be healthy. This drive is often what motivates us to eat healthier and be more active. In its unhealthy form, feeling chronically upset about not looking a certain way can be very psychologically taxing. Dissatisfaction with… Read Full Post
Posted: January 27, 2020
Hundreds of thousands of women have a breast augmentation procedure every year. Whether you have spent years being self-conscious of asymmetrical or small breasts, or if pregnancy left your breasts deflated, know that you have options to enhance your breasts, attain a silhouette you love, and live… Read Full Post
Posted: January 13, 2020
Scars are an inevitable part of the body’s healing process after trauma or surgery. In many cases, scars fade considerably without intervention. However, sometimes a scar revision is the only way to make a scar less noticeable. The time between your injury to scar revision results depends on… Read Full Post
Posted: October 02, 2019
Choosing autumn for your breast augmentation procedure has several benefits. By scheduling around summer, you don’t have to miss a single pool party or endure high temperatures while you heal. You also have plenty of time to heal and get back in the gym before bikini season. As a double board-… Read Full Post
Posted: August 22, 2019
If pregnancy left you a body that doesn’t feel like yours, you are not alone. Sagging or deflated breasts, a protruding abdomen, and loose abdominal skin are some common ways that having a child can radically change your body. While dieting and exercising can get you to a healthy weight, some post-… Read Full Post