5 Reasons Breast Surgery is a Good Idea

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Posted: September 2, 2013

Since 2006 the top cosmetic surgery has been breast augmentation surgery, in which there were over 330,000 women whom underwent this procedure in 2012. A variety of factors play into the popularity of the procedure, which experts predict to only grow with the development of more sophisticated implants in the upcoming years. Dr. Joshua Hyman shares his input on the top reasons why his patients elect to have breast augmentation surgery below.

Speedy Recovery

Breast Augmentation surgery takes around one hour to perform, in which at home recovery only lasts for a few days. A surgery can be performed on Thursday and a patient can be back at work by Monday, which requires only two days away from one’s profession. Moderate exercise can resume after a few short weeks, with more intensive workouts to follow. Patients are often surprised at how seamless the recovery process is as compared to their expectations.

Confidence Boost

Studies have proven that patients whom underwent breast augmentation surgery have increased levels of self-esteem and confidence. Statistics also show that 98% of women whom have undergone breast augmentation report that results met or exceeded their expectations. These two indicators are support that women considering breast surgery can expect a positive outcome.

Proven Safety

There is a multitude of information that is both pro and anti breast augmentation surgery. Negative outlooks often include information questioning the safety of the procedure, which is often reflective of old studies and outdated implants. The current implants on the market- both silicone and saline- have undergone intensive studies by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before being introduced to consumers. Despite contrary reports of leakage, the silicone in new breast implant models are cohesive and will not leak into the body in the case of rupture. In terms of saline, the implants are filled with sterile saltwater solution that can be absorbed by the body in the case of rupture.

Long Lasting Results

Any patient undergoing breast augmentation surgery is aware that the devices are not intended last for the duration of a lifetime. However they can last for decades, and many of the new silicone models come with a warranty in the case of any rare defections. Ruptures in implants can be safely monitored with MRI scans every three years.


There are a multitude of implants on the market, in which a skilled plastic surgeon can customize the size, shape and volume of the implant based on the given patients body type and aesthetic desires. On the current market there are seven approved implants from three different manufacturers in a wide arrange of sizes, shapes and profiles. Every patient has different results, in which a surgeon has the knowledge base to provide information on the best-suited implant.

Breast augmentation surgery is a simple process that provides both psychological and physical benefits. Patients are exceedingly happy with their results from surgery, in which they often refer friends and family to Dr. Hyman following surgery.

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