Will My Breast Surgery Hurt?

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Posted: October 3, 2017

If the look of your breasts makes you feel unhappy about your appearance and causes you to feel self-conscious when you’re in public, then a breast surgery may be the solution to your aesthetic problems.

While breast surgery is a useful and safe way to improve the contours of your breasts, some women feel uneasy about operations like these due to a fear of pain after the surgery is completed. The fear of post-surgery pain is completely understandable, but it is often unnecessary.

If the surgery is performed by a skilled surgeon, patients can feel confident knowing that any discomfort will be minimized. A good surgeon isn’t just someone who ensures quality results – it’s also someone who pays attention to the smallest of discomforts and makes the patient as comfortable and pain free as possible.

How Dr. Hyman Prevents and Alleviates Pain and Discomfort

Before, during, and after the procedure, we utilize a variety of techniques to ensure maximum patient comfort. Because of these techniques, patients typically only feel a sensation of pressure on the chest after breast augmentation surgery, as opposed to any pain or discomfort. In fact, patients may even be able to leave the house the next day for evening activities like a dinner out.

• Using a long-lasting anesthetic solution to bathe the treatment region before implant insertion is one method we use to help the patient avoid post-surgical pain.

• For breast procedures, we focus on creating the most minimal incision we are able to. The smaller the incision, the less tissue damage there is in the region. This leads to a faster and more comfortable recovery with less bruising and swelling.

• Throughout the entirety of the breast surgery, we focus on making sure the patient is as warm and comfortable as possible. This helps to avoid shivering, which can create stiffness in the tissues.

• It’s rare to experience nausea and vomiting after the operation, since we administer steroids and Zofran while the patient is still sleeping in order to avoid these issues. Vomiting can worsen post-operative pain, so reducing the likelihood of vomiting gives our patients a more comfortable experience after their breast surgery.

• Following breast reduction surgery or breast augmentation with implants, some surgeons place drains in the breasts. Because these are often painful to patients during the recovery process, we avoid the use of drains entirely, leading to a more comfortable healing experience.

• Muscle relaxants and narcotics are administered after surgery to reduce any pain and discomfort. Because of our many other pain-reduction techniques, narcotics will no longer be necessary starting the day after the procedure.

• Any soreness is also reduced significantly by breast massages and arm exercises that help improve range of motion; in some cases, these may be performed by the doctor as soon as the day after the procedure.

• Pain medications and antibiotics are usually prescribed to help deal with any soreness and to prevent infections.

If avoiding narcotics during the breast procedure is a requirement for the patient, we are able to fulfill this need.

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