What is a Thigh Lift?

A thigh lift is a surgical procedure that reshapes and tones the thighs by removing excess skin and fat. This treatment is ideal for individuals with sagging skin due to weight loss or aging and addresses issues such as loose tissue or a lack of thigh definition. During the procedure, excess skin is removed, the underlying tissues are tightened, and liposuction may be carried out for enhanced contouring. Thigh lifts provide patients with a firmer, more sculpted appearance in the thighs. While it is not a weight-loss solution, this surgery offers transformative results, boosting confidence and restoring a more youthful thigh contour.

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Improve your Confidence with a Thigh Lift

While we most often associate the aging process with the face, the fact is that it can affect various areas of the body. As they get older, some individuals may notice that their thighs no longer have the smooth, youthful appearance that they once had. It is also normal for patients of all ages to simply feel dissatisfied with the natural appearance of their thighs. Whatever the case may be, Dr. Hyman and his expert team can help these patients with a thigh lift. 

This body contouring treatment gives patients increased confidence, allowing them to show off their bodies without any fear or self-consciousness. Dr. Hyman utilizes cutting-edge techniques in all of his thigh lift procedures, ensuring that every treatment results in remarkable results. 

What are the Benefits of a Thigh Lift?

  • Improves the overall shape and contour of the thighs by removing excess skin and fat
  • Addresses sagging skin, particularly common after significant weight loss or aging, resulting in a firmer appearance
  • Enhances muscle definition, contributing to a more toned look
  • Clothes fit better and feel more comfortable after a thigh lift
  • A more sculpted and youthful thigh appearance that enhances self-esteem and body confidence
  • Enduring benefits that provide lasting improvements in thigh aesthetics

Who is a Candidate for a Thigh Lift?

Ideal candidates for a thigh lift are individuals with excess skin and fat in the thigh area, often due to weight loss or aging. Those seeking improved thigh contour, increased definition, and a more toned appearance are suitable candidates. Beyond that, ideal candidates for the treatment meet the following criteria:

  • Are physically healthy
  • Are at a stable weight that they can maintain long-term
  • Understand what the procedure entails and what it can achieve
  • Understand the risks that come with the procedure
  • Are committed to keeping a healthy lifestyle after the procedure

What does the Procedure Entail?


As with any surgical procedure at our office, a thigh lift begins with an informative consultation and full assessment of the patient’s current condition. During this meeting, patients have the opportunity to discuss their cosmetic goals in-depth and learn more about what the procedure will involve. All of the benefits of the thigh lift will be covered in detail, giving patients a clear idea of what it will actually involve. 

Based on your unique physical attributes and cosmetic goals, Dr. Hyman will recommend either an inner or outer thigh lift. He will provide detailed explanations of each technique, outlining their unique advantages. Patients will also be informed about how to navigate the recovery process. 

Day of procedure

The procedure is usually conducted under general anesthesia. A thigh lift procedure typically lasts two to three hours, during which Dr. Hyman makes precise incisions to remove excess fat and trim unnecessary tissue based on the patient’s personalized treatment plan. After completing the procedure, Dr. Hyman closes the incisions to ensure a positive healing process. After a brief stay in the recovery area, patients are able to return home to begin their recovery period.

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What is the Recovery Process like?

Following a thigh lift procedure, patients will need to set aside a few weeks for rest and recovery before they can get back to their normal routines. Our office provides you with a detailed list of post-treatment instructions, and we make ourselves available to you throughout the entire recovery phase, ensuring that all of your questions are answered. Beyond that, we set up follow-up appointments for you to monitor your progress and ensure that you have a positive recovery experience. 

Thigh lift procedures are a great way to achieve your body contouring goals and experience a heightened level of confidence, allowing you to sport various outfits without any reservations. 

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Why choose Dr. Hyman?

Opting for a thigh lift with Dr. Joshua Hyman, M.D., guarantees a comfortable treatment process with incredible results. His dedicated team employs a patient-centered approach, prioritizing the patient’s individual needs and aesthetic goals above all else. Staying at the forefront of new treatments, Dr. Hyman always employs the most innovative techniques so that his patients achieve the best results possible. 

Contact our office today to arrange a private consultation and learn more about our thigh lift treatments. 

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