Explantation and Natural Size Restoration

Other women want to return to their natural breast size and have the implants removed through a procedure called explantation. Whatever your situation, revision breast augmentation should be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon who uses the least invasive, most advanced techniques in the safest surgical environment.

Why choose Dr. Joshua B. Hyman for revision breast augmentation?

Dr. Hyman, a double-board-certified plastic surgeon, is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical Center and is on staff at Lenox Hill Hospital.

He brings decades of experience to every breast revision surgery, having performed thousands of successful procedures with stunning results.

Dr. Hyman’s private plastic surgery offices are equipped with a state-of-the-art, in-house surgery center that has achieved AAAASF certification and has a perfect safety record. Your breast augmentation revision will be performed on-premises, not at a busy, impersonal hospital or crowded outpatient clinic, under the care of arguably one of the most talented breast surgeons serving NYC and beyond.

Before & After Breast Augmentation

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Why Pursue Breast Revision Surgery?

Every person is unique and could experience a range of aesthetic or medical issues related to primary breast augmentation. The reasons to undergo revision breast augmentation in NYC include:

  • A desire for larger or smaller implants
  • Capsular contracture
  • Bottoming out (implants too low, nipples too high)
  • Older implants
  • Health concerns
  • A wish to return to natural breast size
  • Implant rupture
  • Symmastia (breast implant pockets have merged together medially)
  • Breasts uneven on the chest wall
  • Rippling
  • Implants have shifted in position
  • Excessive breast sagging
  • Textured implants
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Why Choose Dr. Hyman for Revision Breast Augmentation?

The prospect of undergoing another breast surgery is often worrisome. If your primary augmentation was a disappointment and you did not achieve the results you envisioned, choosing the right surgeon for your revision is of utmost importance. When under the care of Dr. Hyman, your treatment will be highly customized and performed at our private, state-of-the-art, in-house surgery suite under the care of board-certified medical professionals. Every revision is performed with ultimate precision and advanced surgical techniques and may include natural fat grafting the removal of excess scar tissue along with the implant in a specialized technique called “en bloc capsulectomy” or mastopexy (breast lift surgery). You deserve to have the breasts you want, and Dr. Hyman spends all the time needed to discuss your options and concerns and answer your questions about this important surgery.

What are the Benefits of Revision Breast Augmentation?

  • Correcting complications and issues from prior surgeries.
  • Enhancing breast aesthetics, symmetry, and size.
  • Updating implant type or size to match preferences.
  • Addressing natural breast changes with age.
  • Restoring self-confidence and body image.
  • Customizing the procedure to meet unique goals.
  • Improving comfort and alleviating pain.
  • Replacing ruptured or deflated implants.
  • Adapting to personal growth and changing preferences.
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Breast Revision Augmentation and Lift

Over time, even when your implants have not caused any aesthetic issues, the breasts may sag and lose their youthful position on the chest wall. Additionally, the nipples may face downward toward the breast crease. In these cases, a custom revision with mastopexy can be performed to both replace implants and resolve any sagging, restoring a plump, vivacious look to your breasts.

Your recovery after breast revision augmentation

The recovery time will reflect the type of revision performed. In most cases, the revision will require a recovery time similar to what was experienced after the primary augmentation. Patients typically need about one week to rest and heal before returning to work or other activities. They should sleep on their backs and avoid lifting, raising their arms, and vigorous activities for about four weeks. A sports bra should be worn for the first months after surgery. Soreness and pressure in the chest may occur, but Dr. Hyman provides pain medications and muscle relaxants when needed.

Dr. Hyman always chooses the most minimally invasive approach to breast surgery possible to achieve your goals, and he specializes in quick recovery procedures. He has mastered techniques in surgical anesthesia, making recovery painless in most cases. As a rule, Dr. Hyman tries not to use drains as they can be uncomfortable and cumbersome in the early recovery period. He will schedule the first follow-up appointment 5-7 days post-op. Within 7-10 days, patients are usually thrilled with their results despite swelling.

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Your detailed consultation process

To ensure each patient’s safety and satisfaction, Dr. Hyman conducts an in-depth consultation to determine candidacy for breast surgery. He wishes for the patient to fully understand their options and choices for implants, the recovery process, the risks and benefits, and what they can anticipate in terms of their final outcome. Additionally, Dr. Hyman will introduce the patient to his state-of-the-art, onsite surgical center and present them to his caring, dedicated staff. Breast sizing can be performed during this initial session. Selecting the best implant size and shape for each patient is an art form that Dr. Hyman has elevated to perfection. He has a detailed sizing system to help empower patients to make the best choices for their comfort, wellbeing and happiness.

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