Your Breast Reconstruction Should Be Right for You

Have you recently undergone a mastectomy, but want to wipe away all traces of the surgery after it’s over? Though the clock cannot be reversed nor can the events of time be rewritten, it is still possible to restore the breasts and regain their natural contours through a reconstruction procedure. What is a Breast Reconstruction? […]

Get Rid of Those Extra Inches with Liposuction

Liposuction is a popular plastic surgery procedure that can help you get rid of excess fatty deposits and help you achieve a slim body that you can feel confident in. Over the years, liposuction has become a staple in the plastic surgery community due to its effectiveness in providing people with the results they desire. […]

Rejuvenate Your Eyes with an Eyelid Lift

At some point in all of our lives, the natural aging process will bring about a number of visible changes throughout our facial region. Among them are fine lines, wrinkles, saggy eyelids, bags under the eyes, and puffy eyelids. All of these issues, however, can now be easily corrected with suitable cosmetic procedures. One such […]

A Tummy Tuck Can Give You a Toned and Sculpted Stomach

A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure that can be performed to flatten and tighten the abdominal area. It is the ideal solution for removing stubborn fat deposits that are difficult to get rid of through diet and exercise alone. The procedure will also allow me to remove excess skin […]

A Better Beach Body Can Be Yours!

The months are flying by faster than you could have possibly imagined, and the time to build your summer body is now. If you are planning a beach vacation, then you probably also want to look good in whatever you decide to wear. It’s easy to forget about your aesthetic goals in the winter months […]

Understanding Breast Lift Surgery

Having excess skin and fat in the breast region can cause them to sag. Not only is sagging uncomfortable, it can also affect a woman’s self-confidence. In order to remedy the situation, women often undergo a surgical procedure known as a breast lift. Also called mastopexy surgery, this treatment has been gaining popularity over the […]

Do You Like Your Nose?

Our confidence plays a key role in how we interact with our environment in today’s world and our facial features play a very important role in giving us this confidence. There are times, however, when we are not satisfied with certain features of our faces and wish to change them using cosmetic procedures. These changes […]

Will My Breast Surgery Hurt?

If the look of your breasts makes you feel unhappy about your appearance and causes you to feel self-conscious when you’re in public, then a breast surgery may be the solution to your aesthetic problems. While breast surgery is a useful and safe way to improve the contours of your breasts, some women feel uneasy […]

Composite Breast Augmentation: Why it Might Be Right for You

For some women, a typical breast augmentation may not be enough to create a perfect result without some imperfections. Sometimes even after an implant is put in place, there is still room to make cosmetic adjustments to approve the overall appearance of the breasts. A combination of fat injections along with an implant allows a […]

5 Reasons Breast Surgery is a Good Idea

Since 2006 the top cosmetic surgery has been breast augmentation surgery, in which there were over 330,000 women whom underwent this procedure in 2012. A variety of factors play into the popularity of the procedure, which experts predict to only grow with the development of more sophisticated implants in the upcoming years. Dr. Joshua Hyman […]