Brow Lift

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Over time and with age, the position of the eyebrows may descend. Some patients inherit a low, heavy brow. Stress and muscular activity can contribute to forehead wrinkling, which creates an aged, sad, or tired appearance. A brow lift will restore youth and beauty to the forehead by raising the eyebrows and smoothing out the horizontal lines.

Joshua B. Hyman, M.D., will often perform a brow lift in conjunction with facelift or eyelid surgery. Please call 212-517-5157 for a free consultation.

Brow Lift Procedure

The forehead lift (brow lift) may be performed using the endoscopic technique, where two small incisions are made and a camera and specialized instruments are utilized. Very rarely, Dr. Joshua Hyman may use the traditional “coronal” technique, where a long incision is made within the hair. Our plastic surgeon will discuss both options with you and make a recommendation based upon both your anatomy and personal preference.

During the coronal brow lift technique, an incision is made across the scalp and within the hair. The skin and soft tissues are brought down to the brows, and the muscles that produce wrinkling of the forehead are released. The skin is then re-draped upwards and any excess skin is trimmed to create a smooth, youthful appearance.

Using the endoscopic technique, four to five small incisions are made within the hair and an endoscope (a pencil-like camera device connected to a monitor) is inserted through one of the incisions. The forehead skin is lifted through this incision, and the underlying tissues and muscles are altered to produce a smooth appearance. The eyebrows may also be lifted and secured into a high position with sutures underneath the skin or temporary screws behind the hairline. The procedure takes two hours and is performed under general anesthesia in the hospital or in Dr. Joshua Hyman’s private ambulatory surgery facility. Our patients are usually able to return home the same day.

Post-Brow Lift Surgery

Following surgery, the head will be wrapped with an elastic bandage. The dressings will be removed two days after surgery, and most sutures will be removed one to two weeks after surgery. Most patients experience temporary numbness, mild swelling, and slight discomfort around the incision immediately following the procedure. Itchiness at the incision site is normal and can persist for several months. After your procedure, our plastic surgeon recommends that you keep your head elevated for several days and take at least a week off of work to recuperate. Although light exercise including walking is permitted the day following surgery, strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least three weeks after surgery. Prolonged exposure to heat or the sun should be limited for several months until your normal sensation returns.

How Do I Get Started?

Dr. Joshua Hyman and his staff will be happy to discuss this procedure with you. Please call 212-517-5157 for a free consultation with our plastic surgeon. Our plastic surgery center serves patients in Manhattan, New York City and nearby areas of New York.