Everyone deserves to love the way they look. There are times, however, when we are not satisfied with our facial features and wish to enhance them through cosmetic surgery.

Nose surgery is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. Also known as rhinoplasty or a nose job, it is performed to correct and reconstruct the structure of the nose. It may be a great option if you want to smooth a prominent bump, straighten a crooked bridge, reduce a wide tip, or improve the overall proportions of your nose.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that helps to correct the shape and size of a person’s nose; the correction helps bring the nose into proportion with the rest of the face and can also address functional issues. This surgery has a reputation as a worthwhile and life-changing procedure, and it improves the overall appearance of the face.

Reasons to Consider Nose Surgery

You might consider rhinoplasty surgery if you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose or if you have trouble breathing. The procedure could be a good fit if you can answer yes to any of the following questions:

  • Do you feel that your nose is too large or too small?
  • Do you feel that your nose does not suit your face?
  • Is your nose crooked or out of alignment?
  • Do you have a structural problem within your nose that restricts breathing?
  • Do you have an issue with your nose that resulted from aging or injury?
  • Are you unhappy with the size of your nostrils?
  • Do you want to enhance the appearance of your nose rather than achieve perfection?

Make sure to have nose surgery for yourself, not to please another person or to fit a certain image. Patients who get rhinoplasty for the right reasons often report feeling highly satisfied with their results.

Ideal Rhinoplasty Candidates

While any person who wishes to reshape their nose is eligible to get a rhinoplasty, you will need to be in good general health and be free from any serious health conditions in order to be considered for the surgery. If you have a bleeding disorder, suffer from heart problems, or you are prone to infection, you may not be eligible for the procedure.

Types of Rhinoplasty

There are several ways to perform nose surgery based on your anatomy and the changes you wish to accomplish. Dr. Hyman will utilize any one of the following techniques:

  • Open Rhinoplasty – For an open rhinoplasty, incisions are made below the nostrils. The resulting scars are well hidden in the natural contours of the nose and are thus, inconspicuous. This technique gives your surgeon more access to the nose, thus allowing him to make changes and fashion the nose into the shape as desired. It is used for patients who need more extensive reshaping.
  • Closed Rhinoplasty – During a closed rhinoplasty, your surgeon will make incisions inside the nostril, limiting the occurrence of post-surgical marks. This is used when only minor changes are required to reach the desired improvements. This method is not suitable for extensive improvements.

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

Are you interested in improving the appearance of your nose with rhinoplasty? Call 212-517-5157 to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Joshua Hyman. He is a double board-certified plastic surgeon with experience delivering excellent results to rhinoplasty patients from Manhattan, New York City, and nearby areas of New York.

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