Choosing autumn for your breast augmentation procedure has several benefits. By scheduling around summer, you don’t have to miss a single pool party or endure high temperatures while you heal. You also have plenty of time to heal and get back in the gym before bikini season.

As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Joshua Hyman has the experience and skill to deliver beautiful results. He has built his practice on providing personalized care and attention. He and his team understand that breast enhancement is a major decision, and we will work with you to find the optimal time for your procedure.

Fall Lends itself to Recovery and Rest

Fall can make your breast augmentation recovery easier. A breast augmentation in autumn offers the following benefits:

  • Couch weather – No one wants to be stuck inside recovering when the sun is shining and summer activities are calling, but as fall rolls in and temperatures drop, the couch starts calling. All of a sudden, you’re thinking about watching that new series from start to finish, nestled in a cozy blanket. While you likely can return to work within about a week of your surgery, it is much easier to commit to resting and relaxing when the season seems to invite it.
  • Staying comfortable – Summer’s sweltering temperatures can be hard to tolerate on your best day. When you consider that you will have some discomfort at the start of your healing process, cooler temperatures are an advantage.
  • No need to worry about sun exposure – Your incisions are vulnerable to discoloration with sun exposure. Bathing suits and thin tops allow too much sun to reach these areas, so fall’s milder sun and heavier clothing help you effortlessly protect your incision lines.
  • Holiday breaks – Though holiday season can be hectic, it can work to your advantage in relation to breast enhancement. You may not need to take time off work due to holiday breaks, and your loved ones may have time off to be able to assist you in the first days following your surgery.

Plenty of Time to get Warm Weather Ready

You can avoid missing out on summer fun and will have time to put the final touches on your new figure by having your breast augmentation in the fall.

  • Full recovery in time for pool party season – You will need to avoid swimming and water activities for four weeks after your surgery. With a fall breast augmentation, you will be pool-ready when temperatures rise. 

    Additionally, it takes about three months for implants to settle to their optimal position. When you have your procedure in the autumn months, you can enjoy your final results in time for summer dresses.
  • Resume your exercise routine – You will need to avoid strenuous activity for about three months after your breast enhancement, but having your procedure in October or November means you still have time to work off holiday pounds and put the final touches on your new look before summer.

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